General information about Slovak vignette

Slovak vignette is an obligatory road tax that must be paid by drivers of up to 3.5t vehicles who plan to use motorways and expressways in Slovakia. In 2016, the government implemented a new digital toll system that simplifies the process of getting a necessary permit. Note that traditional Slovak vignettes are no longer available.

The best option is to get a Slovak vignette at the online store. It is effortless and won’t take much time. Also, you don’t need to put a physical sticker on the vehicle, which is very convenient.
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Those who want to obtain a vignette in Slovakia need to provide crucial information in the form, such as the license plate number, country of registration, trip length, and starting date of the vignette. Then, they must pay the service fee and wait for an email with confirmation.

The process of getting a vignette is done online, so it means you don’t need to look for sales points, such as gas stations. Printing out the received file via email is not necessary. You can download it on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, and show it to the officers during the check.

Types of vignette Slovakia

Vignettes for cars

Drivers of vehicles up to 3.5t can pick one of the following types of Slovakia vignette:


60.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


17.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


12.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

It is good to know that the annual vignette is valid from January 1st (the day of payment) to January 31st of the following calendar year.

How can I buy a vignette for Slovakia?

The process of getting a vignette can be started by choosing the type of vignette and planning the duration of the trip. Then, you should:
vignette for Slovakia

  1. Enter the information in the form, including license plate number and country of registration.
  2. Select the date when the vignette should be active.
  3. Pay the fee with one of the available payment methods, such as a credit/debit card.

After the payment, you should wait for a vignette that will be sent to your email address. It is possible to download the confirmation on the mobile device. It means you don’t need a physical copy during the check.

Penalties for driving without a vignette Slovakia

Driving without a vignette is illegal and is punished by a financial fine. The random checks and camera systems enable monitoring of the motorways and expressways in Slovakia.

Those who won’t have a vignette will be punished by a financial fine ranging between €100 and €500. You can be controlled at the car park, petrol stations, or remotely.


Is it necessary to have a vignette in Slovakia?

Yes. Travelers whose vehicles weigh no more than 3.5t need a digital vignette to use motorways and expressways in Slovakia. It is advisable to obtain a vignette electronically, as you can avoid stress and enjoy convenience. The process is straightforward and intuitive.

How is it possible to purchase a vignette for Slovakia?

The best way to get a motorway vignette for Slovakia is to purchase it online. Prepare a working device with an internet connection and start the process. Enter the required information in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the confirmation sent via mail.

When is it possible to obtain a Slovakia road vignette?

A road vignette should be bought before using the motorways or expressways in Slovakia. Note that it is better to get a vignette earlier, as it reduces stress and enables an unproblematic journey.

How long do I need to wait to use vignette Slovakia online?

Vignette online can be used immediately after the purchase, and there’s no cooling-off period. If you covered the fee and received a confirmation via email, you are eligible to use motorways and expressways in Slovakia.

Is it needed to print a digital vignette for Slovakia?

No, drivers don’t need to print out the vignette Slovakia. The confirmation file may be downloaded and provided to the officers during the check on a mobile device, such as a phone or a tablet. It is a very convenient option.

Is a separate vignette necessary for caravan, motorbike, and trailer?

A vignette for motorways and expressways in Slovakia is needed when M1 or N1 vehicles weigh more than 3.5t. In other situations, a vignette is not needed. Besides, a vignette for motorbikes is not necessary, as these vehicles are exempt from the vignette rule.

Can I transfer vignette Slovakia to another vehicle?

The motorway vignette for Slovakian motorways and expressways is not transferable. This means you are not allowed to use it for different vehicles. It is illegal and punishable by a fine, so keep that in mind.

What is the fine if you drive without a vignette in Slovakia?

The financial penalty for driving without a vignette may be up to €500. It is highly recommended that you purchase a vignette earlier to enjoy a smooth trip without additional expenses.